Border Turf – A vibrant and impactful Wildflower Turf Product

What is Border Turf?

Our Border Turf was originally developed for domestic gardens, where it could be used to replace existing borders and flower beds with a low maintenance alternative that was colourful and long flowering. As the demand for wildflower landscapes has increased dramatically for more public landscapes and amenity areas such as parks, roundabouts and verges, the Border Turf has become increasingly popular as a cost effective solution where bedding plants and bulbs would have traditionally been used on mass for an impactful display in urban and semi rural areas.

It is probably helpful to briefly explain how it differs to our Landscape Turf. As well as having the 34 native varieties found in our Landscape Turf, it has 15 further species of wildflowers that provide greater vibrancy in colour with a longer flowering period into September. There are a number of annuals in the mix that ensure a strong show of colour in the first year of laying as the perennials establish themselves and develop into larger plants.

The following pictures are examples of Border Turf in the Spring Months

3.3d. Border turf and bulbs

A garden for all seasons 1

The following pictures are examples of Border Turf from June to August.

Border Turf2016 a

The picture below was taken in October, showing how the annuals, given the right conditions will flourish much later into the year. 


As you can see, the resultant display is ever changing through the seasons, with the meadow flowering from late April to September. There will always be different plants that respond better to different conditions and soils but Border Turf is suitable for any soil type and is particularly drought tolerant and can cope with semi-shade.

Border Turf is a stock item and available to lay all year round. Just as the Landscape Turf, it is a soil-less mat of wildflowers, easy to handle and lay, providing an excellent weed suppressing barrier to any weed seeds that are inherent in the prepared ground. The Border Turf is very quick to establish and will provide you with a vibrant display of wildflowers in the first year of laying.

We currently have plenty of stock available, call our sales team on 01256 771222 for pricing and delivery options.


With thanks to Souren Ala – Dynamic Gardens, Slate Grey Design, A Garden For All Seasons, Bluestones Garden Design for the use of their lovely pictures.

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